March 2017 Edit

Birthdays Edit

  • March 3rd: Fawnpaw
  • March 5th: Flashtail
  • March 14th: Winterpaw
  • March 16th: Cloudeyes
  • March 22nd: Iceflower
  • March 24th: Eagleclaw
  • March 27th: Swanpaw
  • March 31st: Bluepaw (mist)

Happy birthday to all of you amazing BlogClanners! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

New BlogClanners Edit

We are very happy to announce many new BlogClanners this month! A warm welcome to Asterstorm, Honeypaw, Silverleaf, Barkkit, Eclipsestar, Starpaw, Luckystar, Brownpaw, Brightstream, Leaf that Floats on Water, Laurelmist, Waterstorm, Silversong, Blackstorm, Creekfrost, Snowstrike, Ferretkit, Angelheart, Beepaw, Breezeheart, Chocolatepaw, Bloomingblossom, and Ashkit!!!! And welcome to the wiki Daisypaw and Shiverfur! We are very happy to have you here and look forward to seeing you around!

Clanniversaries Edit

  • March 1st: Barkkit
  • March 6th: Russetfeather

Happy Clanniversary to all of you! BlogClan is very happy that you have stayed with us for so long.

February 2017 Edit

Birthdays Edit

  • February 10th: Willowbreeze
  • February 12th: Foxpaw(step) and Russetfeather
  • February 14th: Snowheart
  • February 15th: Darkpaw
  • February 17th: Geckoflower and Rainpaw
  • February 21st: Wavesplash
  • February 24th: Orchidpaw

Happy birthday, wonderful BlogClanners!!!! Hope you had an amazing day!

New BlogClanners Edit

We are very happy to welcome to BlogClan many new members! Hello to Pizzakit, Flameheart, Mapleleaf, Goldenblaze, Shadekit, Leafkit, Flamekit, Rainpaw, Snakepaw, Mistpaw, Featherpaw, Dewfeather, Briarpaw, Stormpaw, Tigerpaw, Beepaw, Hazelwish, Creekfeather, Marshmallow, Emeraldblaze, Frozenshadow, Cinderleaf, Drizzleflash, and finally, Softbreeze! (Wollow can you put people that joined wiki here). Welcome everyone! We look forward to seeing you around!

Clanniversaries Edit

  • February 1st: Bramblefire
  • February 4th: Mossball
  • February 6th: Foxpaw(step)
  • February 11th: Stormjay

Happy Clanniversary to all of you!!! BlogClan is happy to have had you for so long.

January 2017 Edit


  • January 2nd: Moonpaw(vision)
  • January 3rd: Wingpaw(claw)
  • January 7th: Lynxheart
  • January 8th: Jaypaw
  • January 12th: Dawnheart
  • January 22nd: Breeze That Glides Through Summer
  • January 24th: DewpawT
  • January 31st: Freespirit

Happy birthday! We hope you guys will have/had wonderful days! You deserve it <3 Here are your magical birthday cookies! πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

New BlogClannersEdit

We heartily welcome to BlogClan all our new BlogClanners, including Sparrowpaw, Frozenpaw, Falconbreeze, Shiverfur, Wolfcloud, Quietheart, Quietstorm, Lynxheart, Moonpaw(vision), Lightningkit, and Tawnykit! We also give a warm welcome to Wingpaw, Sandstrike, Ivystrike, Fallenpaw, Soulwarriorsexpert67, Mintfeather, and Nightfrost, who have joined the wiki. Welcome, everyone! We hope you have a great time here! <3


  • January 1st: Gladepaw and Rainpaw(fall)
  • January 10th: Airwave
  • January 13th: Moonpaw(sky)
  • January 20th: Flowerstream
  • January 27th: Lionpaw
  • January 30th: Dewpaw

Happy Clanniversary! We hope you had/will have a great day. It's also worth noting that on January 20th, 2014, the mystery of the old Internet Traveller's Journal began.... We really should get a new one - what do you think?