Febuary Edit

Q. What is a cat's favorite game show?

A. Jepurr-ady


Q. What do felines say when they love each other?

A. I love you paw-ays and fur-ever!


Q. What is a cow's favorite movie the won an Oscar?

A. Moo-nlight!


Q. What is a seven lettered word that contains thousands of letters?

A. Mailbox!


Q. What is a kitten's favorite color?

A. Yowl-ow!

Thank you Stoaty and Owl for providing these jokes!

January Edit


Q. What did the pig put on his scrapes?

A. Oinkment!


Q. Why was the cookie sad?

A. Because his mom was a wafer so long.


Q. Why was the baby ant confused?

A. Because all of his uncles were ants!


1. If a red house is made of red bricks, and a blue house is made of blue bricks, what is a green house made of?

2. Wednesday, Tim and John went out to eat. Tim and John left without paying, but the bill was still paid. So who paid the bill?

3. Feed me, and I will live, but give me water and I will die. What am I?



  1. Glass.
  2. Wednesday.
  3. Fire.