We are saddened to hear of the passing of Kate Cary's beloved cat, Miu Miu. He was adored by his family and brought a smile to anyone who knew him. He was a strong, brave little warrior, and all of BlogClan enjoyed seeing pictures of him, whether He was sunbathing or sleeping, one eye or two.

He lived a long, glorious life alongside Kate, her son Josh, and his sister Flower. He was a sweet, handsome cat, with his purpose in life to bring joy and laughter to his home daily, and he succeeded in doing that.

He will forever be remembered as Miu Miu, the One-Eyed Pirate. Miu Miu, the brave little warrior. Miu Miu, the spirited, loyal cat. He was a wonderful, special cat, as so many know, and he'll always have a little place in all of our hearts.